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It has been awhile since I last posted anything about what is going on at Archtop Studios. So much has happened in the past 6 months or so and really do not know where to start. First off Archtop Studios is alive and living well. At the present time we have 3 CD's on the go. Have picked up some really good studio musicians along the way. We are constantly growing and expanding. The studio started off as an 8 mic pre studio, meaning we could have 8 mics open and recording at the same time. Not a big feat but with high quality equipment ya kind of got to walk before you run. We have now expanded and now can record 24 mics on the go and will expand to a 30 mic pre studio. We have added many mic pre's and compressors and EQ's.. Our mic selection is I would say one of the best around. There is no substitute for a top quality mic. They come in all price ranges. We have been using an electronic drum kit, the Roland D-12 and has been a work horse for us and am so glad I started out with them but am going to be changing them out for a real acoustic set. I had to wait 6 months for my kit to be made because everything as far as the drum shells where custom ordered.I now have been told the kit is in Canada and on it's way to Scarborough Ontario then off to Fredericton where I pick them up. I wanted only the best for my drum room/live room. It will be 2 rooms in one till we build the new 12 x 28 live room with vocal booth. Gearing up for the acoustic set and setting it up to be one of the best drum rooms around is not for the faint of heart. If you are afraid to spend money then best not go there. No you do not have to break the bank to get a good sound but good was just not good enough.We will be changing rates this January to reflect all what has been added to the studio. As of January 1st we will be a $30.00 an hour studio for everything we do. Tracking(recording) editing and mixing. The new drum set up will be $20.00 extra an hour on top of the $30.00 per hour. Drums are not used every time you record. So with the upgrade in all the equipment and microphones, cabling, and the new acoustic drum kit we are now going to be no where near where we were. Through all of this I have met some really nice people. Have made some great friends and was honored to listen and record and help others to achieve there dreams. At the same time they helped build my dream of owning a top notch recording studio. So it has been a win win situation for every one. Archtop Studios also is the North American Distributor for Weissklang Microphone of Murr Germany and Canadian Distributor for Lewitt Audio of Vienna Austria.. Stay tuned for the new posting as we are now the Atlantic Distributor for Triad-Orbit of Kingston Washington. If you go on there is price list and soon to be added Triad-Orbit.. So in a nut shell thank you so much for your support..
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Lewitt has just released two brand new very affordable mic's. The LCT 140 Air and the LCT 040 Match. Take a look..

Pre-orders exceed expectations as LEWITT begins shipping most affordable condensers yet

LCT 040 MATCH and LCT 140 AIR arrive in stores following extremely positive early reviews and record global pre-orders

Vienna, Austria – May 2019… Following an unprecedented surge of pre-orders, LEWITT is proud to announce the arrival of the LCT 040 MATCH and LCT 140 AIR in stores worldwide. As the Austrian innovator’s most affordable microphones yet, the two models have been greeted with enthusiastic early reviews since their official unveiling at January’s NAMM Show.

Encompassing a broad range of small and large-diaphragm condenser and tube microphones, the award winning LEWITT LCT series is designed to offer a truly modern alternative to older, more traditional designs. Now, for the first time, the LCT 040 MATCH and LCT 140 AIR are making that same level of LEWITT quality available to home studio owners wanting to record acoustic instruments.

The LCT 040 MATCH is available as a single pencil mic as well as a stereo pair package, while the LCT 140 AIR brings new levels of adaptability to instrument recordings at every level.

Among the first end-users to test the new microphones was Martin Zöscher, better known as Zed Marty from the same-titled YouTube production channel. Having trailed the LCT 040 MATCH in a stereo set-up and the LCT 140 AIR on its own with an acoustic guitar, he described himself as “blown away by the full and richly detailed sound,” adding that the “price to quality ratio is unbeatable”.

Debuting at just $99, the LCT 040 MATCH boasts a stripped-back, ergonomic design. For maximum positioning flexibility even in the most restricted spaces, it features a durable and lightweight CNC'ed aluminum housing. Inside, the custom-designed capsule is optimised with instant transient response for the natural qualities of acoustic instruments, capturing every moment in crisp detail and pleasant high-end. The LCT 040 MATCH stereo pair is available for $189, benefitting from LEWITT’s flawless matching process which extensively analyses the microphones and couples those exhibiting identical behaviour – a degree of precision not normally available at this price point.

Available at $149, meanwhile, the new LCT 140 AIR sets a new standard for high quality, affordable audio. In addition to features including exceptional off-axis sound suppression, pre-attenuation and low-cut filter, the SOUND toggle allows users to switch between AIR and FLAT. While the former delivers an open, sparkling character, the latter provides a linear frequency response for highly realistic sonic images.

“We are delighted that the LCT 040 MATCH and LCT 140 AIR have been greeted with so much interest and excitement,” says Roman Perschon, founder and CEO of LEWITT. “We firmly believed that the time was right to bring our design ethos and technology to a much broader audience. I’m very happy to see that our customers agree! More people than ever before are now experiencing LEWITT, and I can’t wait to hear the results.”

For more information please visit


Designed and engineered in Vienna, Austria, LEWITT microphones are setting new standards in sound capture as a modern, innovative alternative to older, traditional technologies. Founded in January 2010 by entrepreneurial audio pioneer Roman Perschon, LEWITT is made up of a dedicated and diverse team of audio experts with a passion for quality and the in-house engineering capabilities to focus entirely on the needs of customers. Each microphone model is the result of a consultative process including many of the world’s most respected producers, sound engineers, and musicians – just part of the growing worldwide community of sound professionals who trust the faithful, pristine sound of LEWITT. Find out more at
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I think this gal needs to be listened to take a boo...
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Margaret Glaspy & Tyler Chester | ‘I Do' by Sarah Siskind | AEA Sessions
For more information and AEA Session videos, please visit: Singer-songwriter, Margaret Glaspy and instrumentalist...
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I have some great news to tell everyone...Weissklang Microphone of Germany has teamed up with Archtop Studios. We are going to be the North American Distributor for Weissklang. Weissklang make a fine line of microphones and we are so excited in helping them bring there product to North America. I have done extensive tests with there V-17 mic in my studio under different recording situations and it past with flying colors. I will not only sell there mic's but use them extensively in my own recording studio.. Lots has gone on at Archtop's since I last posted. We are presently an 8 track studio meaning we can record 8 mics at one time but have the pre-amps to record 12 at once. By the end of February early March we will become a 24 track studio. That is a huge upgrade for us. I have ordered a custom set of acoustic drums which will arrive around the end of May. We use an electronic set the Roland TD-12 and can hardly wait to go acoustic. We have all the cymbals already, 2 ride, 3 crash 1 China and one splash and of course the hi-hat . It is a 6 piece drum shell kit two up two down a snare and a bass drum. I will take the brain from the Roland TD-12 and buy triggers and will be able to have acoustic and an electronic sound to the drum kit. Will have the best of both worlds in one drum kit. Have all the mics for the drum kit already. We are presently buying all the hardware and starting this month with our first purchase. By the end of May we will be ready to go as soon as the drum kit gets here..Over the past Christmas we invested heavily in software for editing and mixing. So we now offer those along with recording. We now have everything that Logic Pro X has to offer and we also have some U A D software products for editing mixing and recording. We also bought Melodyne and have the complete program so we now can do so much when it comes to editing..Another purchase that was made was Izotope. We have the best what Izotope has to offer as far as editing and mixing and recording tools. We have made huge strides since I last posted. I am hoping but not sure we can start on our new and bigger live room in the fall. Once completed that will give us 3 rooms, a live room with vocal booth,(record off the floor), a drum room, (record off the floor), and still have live room capabilities in the drum room to record guitars and singers, and last but not least the control room. So yes lots happening at ARCHTOP STUDIOS..