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Archtop Studios7 months ago
Well I hope everyone is being as safe as they can and not contracting Covid. We are still recording in the studio weekly and all Covid protocols are being met. I have some very interesting projects on the go and once the live room is finished I have some great new announcements to make. I have been working on the live room for a few months. Started off gutting out part of that space that housed my own personal gym and had a room built in the garage with lights and heat and now work out religiously in that room. Part of the live room is now gutted and painted and waiting on the sound treatment to arrive. Once that is done I will gut the other half of the live room paint and put the sound treatment in that space. Once that is done we put down a new floor. Once done I will be able to record a 6 piece band all at once or a 20 person choir. We all ready have a dedicated drum room and a dedicated control room and this live room will give us 3 rooms. All rooms are sound treated and we can record in all rooms. I started ARCHTOP STUDIOS 4 years ago. It has been one heck of a learning experience. Would not have changed a thing. It’s been an up and down bumpy ride, but then so is life. I became the Canadian Distributor for Lewitt Audio of Vienna Austria and have enjoyed that immensely. I retired at 65 and am now 69. So much has changed. The studio is where I like to be most and will keep adding and upgrading to it as time goes on. I learn something new everyday in the studio. It keeps my mind working and it keeps me young. I want to thank the people who have recorded here . I strive to make your experience one you have enjoyed. Some more than others. It’s amazing the talent we have in Atlantic Canada. I am honoured to be the one chosen to record them. I also want to thank my one and only part time employee Peter Wood. Without him my life in the studio would be not as easy as it is. Thanks Peter….You are a big part of this studio.
Archtop Studios
Archtop Studios11 months ago
Well, it seems we are getting past the worst of Covid. ARCHTOP STUDIOS took quite a beating financially but we managed to stay a float due to mask wearing customers and my microphone 🎙 distribution business for Lewitt Audio of Vienna Austria. Between customers coming to record and selling mic’s we managed to pay all the studio expenses. So we are still here when many companies folded. I feel very blessed to still be here. We are starting our third phase of forging ahead in offering our customers a top notch studio to record in. We have a dedicated control room which doubles when needed a recording room for musicians or singer song writers to actually get recorded while tapping in to there craft. We also have a dedicated drum room with a full drum kit that can be used, plus does double duty and records people live off the floor. Our third phase is building our 12ft x 24ft live room with vocal booth. It will happen in two phases and the first phase starts next month. It will probably take a year to finish the live room. If we run into a pile of money it will get done sooner. So take a basement in a house and transform it into 3 dedicated rooms for recording is a big task and takes a lot of money. With this new room we can record a complete band with singer and key board player and record them and the drums at the same time. We can record 24 mic’s at one time. So we are still here and growing and putting Covid behind us. I want to thank all the people who came and recorded while Covid was in full swing. May you all live the best day you can, thank you…
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Archtop Studios1 year ago
Well I have not posted anything for quite some time. A year ago February March I was diagnosed with a very rare and very nasty bladder cancer. If I did everything right and did exactly what I was told to do and how I went about it , I had a 50/50 chance of making but was not even guaranteed that because they were not sure if the got it early. If they got it late the longest living person with this cancer lived 9 months. My operation was last July 8th. As the months and test’s go by so far I am free from cancer. I ended up with two different cancers one in my bladder and one in my prostate. I lost my bladder and my prostate and now pee in a bag. I am now a two bagger. I lost my partner of 24 years during a very nasty kidney infection tha they could not stop for three months.I lost so much last year. ARCHTOP STUDIOS shut down for approximately 2 months. My mic business with Lewitt Audio shut down for two weeks. I remember driving to the post office in such pain to ship the mic orders out. Covid Covid Covid is on everyone’s mind. When we were recording people the Covid Protocols were strictly adhered to. No one got sick from recording at ARCHTOP STUDIOS . I was recording just enough to keep active in the studio and not loose what I learned. At first I could only record for two hours. It was just to painfull. Over time the studio is coming back and the past two months it has been fairly busy. Some weeks 5 times in the studio. Covid kind of clipped are wings but we have grown new feathers and are flying like an eagle. So please everyone stay safe and protect yourself and others from the spread of this nasty bug.
Archtop Studios
Archtop Studios3 years ago
It has been awhile since I last posted anything about what is going on at Archtop Studios. So much has happened in the past 6 months or so and really do not know where to start. First off Archtop Studios is alive and living well. At the present time we have 3 CD's on the go. Have picked up some really good studio musicians along the way. We are constantly growing and expanding. The studio started off as an 8 mic pre studio, meaning we could have 8 mics open and recording at the same time. Not a big feat but with high quality equipment ya kind of got to walk before you run. We have now expanded and now can record 24 mics on the go and will expand to a 30 mic pre studio. We have added many mic pre's and compressors and EQ's.. Our mic selection is I would say one of the best around. There is no substitute for a top quality mic. They come in all price ranges. We have been using an electronic drum kit, the Roland D-12 and has been a work horse for us and am so glad I started out with them but am going to be changing them out for a real acoustic set. I had to wait 6 months for my kit to be made because everything as far as the drum shells where custom ordered.I now have been told the kit is in Canada and on it's way to Scarborough Ontario then off to Fredericton where I pick them up. I wanted only the best for my drum room/live room. It will be 2 rooms in one till we build the new 12 x 28 live room with vocal booth. Gearing up for the acoustic set and setting it up to be one of the best drum rooms around is not for the faint of heart. If you are afraid to spend money then best not go there. No you do not have to break the bank to get a good sound but good was just not good enough.We will be changing rates this January to reflect all what has been added to the studio. As of January 1st we will be a $30.00 an hour studio for everything we do. Tracking(recording) editing and mixing. The new drum set up will be $20.00 extra an hour on top of the $30.00 per hour. Drums are not used every time you record. So with the upgrade in all the equipment and microphones, cabling, and the new acoustic drum kit we are now going to be no where near where we were. Through all of this I have met some really nice people. Have made some great friends and was honored to listen and record and help others to achieve there dreams. At the same time they helped build my dream of owning a top notch recording studio. So it has been a win win situation for every one. Archtop Studios also is the North American Distributor for Weissklang Microphone of Murr Germany and Canadian Distributor for Lewitt Audio of Vienna Austria.. Stay tuned for the new posting as we are now the Atlantic Distributor for Triad-Orbit of Kingston Washington. If you go on there is price list and soon to be added Triad-Orbit.. So in a nut shell thank you so much for your support..